EXCLUSIVE: ‘Peel The Power’ of Bananaman!

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The most brainless superhero ever to grace the skies is going to make his live action debut in an all-singing, all-flying must-see new musical and at MCM London this weekend, we’ve got a UK exclusive performance!

Bananaman, the Man-of-Peel, is a unique member of the superhero ranks. Our handsome hero may have a jaw line you can see from space and sport the snazziest of tight lycra outfits, but this superhero has ‘the muscles of 20 men and the brain of 20 mussels.’ Which isn’t much.

With supervillains Doctor Gloom and General Blight attempting world domination, who can we call? Superman’s on holiday, Spiderman’s not picking up – our only option, our very very last option is …Bananaman.The team behind the Bananaman musical will be doing a 10 minute performance from the show exclusively for the MCM London Comic Con audience followed by a Q&A with the audience afterwards!

Bananaman began life in the Nutty comic in 1980, and was a flyaway success, transferring to The Dandy before joining the world’s longest-running comic, The Beano in 2012 and he is now one of the Beano’s flagship characters. A send-up of the likes of Superman and Batman, he was the subject of the hugely popular TV cartoon that ran between 1983 and 1986 for 3 series and 40 episodes on the BBC and featured the voices of Tim Brooke-Taylor, Graeme Garden and Bill Oddie from The Goodies.

With a useless hero and some equally clueless villains, Bananaman’s winkingly clever, delightfully silly humour has been sealed into the memories of those who saw him first, and will now spark the imagination of a new bunch of Bananafans.

It won’t be long before we all ‘Peel the Power’ of Bananaman.


Head to the Gold Theatre at 11:30am on Saturday 28 October for an EXCLUSIVE performance of the Bananaman Musical!

For more information, check the Banaman Live website.


Southwark Playhouse

Friday 15 December 2017 to Saturday 20 January 2018

Monday – Saturday at 7.30pm
Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday at 3.00pm

No shows Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day

Extra Christmas Shows Added!

Thu 21 Dec, Fri 22 Dec, Wed 27 Dec, Thu 28 Dec, Fri 29 Dec at 3.00pm.


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