Send the marines! Aliens star Michael Biehn signs up for MCM Birmingham

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MCM Birmingham Comic Con – Biehn there, done that! Latest MCM Birmingham Comic Con guest Michael Biehn’s résumé reads like a highlight reel of director James Cameron’s sci-fi golden era. He came back from the future as SkyNet-battling, shotgun-toting Sgt. Kyle Reese in 1984 classic The Terminator; went on a bug hunt as badass Colonial Marine Cpl. Dwayne Hicks in 1986 action horror Aliens; and descended into the depths as unstable Navy SEAL commander Lt. Coffey in Cameron’s 1989 underwater adventure, The Abyss.

Seemingly a go-to guy for military roles (especially those involving a sticky end!), Michael Biehn was back in uniform for 1990’s Navy SEALs and again in 1996 for Michael Bay actioner The Rock. However, it’s his memorable turn as psychotic gunman Johnny Ringo in hit western Tombstone that non-science fiction fans will probably know Biehn best for – in particular, his showdown with Val Kilmer’s Doc Holiday. More recently, the American actor appeared in Planet Terror, Robert Rodriguez’s half of the Grindhouse double feature.


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