What was once seen as a secret community behind closed doors, now exerts a powerful influence over the global economy and society as a phenomenal culture.

Discussing the latest Game of Thrones episode is now a weekly moment of gossip you have to have without fail, friends are casually tossing out Harry Potter references mid-conversation and you find yourself lost when your latest TV series has finished. What do you do with your life now?

More and more people are understanding the pleasure that can be derived from indulging your inner geek once in a while. It’s there lurking under the surface of all of us…

Whether it’s a book, a computer game, Orange Is The New Black or even if you’re a Belieber, this sense of escapism has helped this particular market be one of the few to emerge from the recession relatively unscathed over the years.

In other words…GEEK is the height of cool!