Saturday Interviews

Interviews with guests will be available during the weekend, in a press conference-style format. Please email Annie on if you’d like to request an interview with any of the guests below.
Please note that times may vary and change on the day, so please keep an eye out. 


10:30-10:45 – Overwatch (Lucie Pohl, Charlet Chung and Gaku Space)

10:45-11:00Vic Mignogna

11:15-11:30Jennifer Hale

11:45-12:00Zach McGowan

12:00-12:15Khary Paton

12:15-12:30Cooper Andrews

12:30-12:45Nolan North

13:00-13:15Robin Atkin Downes

13:15-13:30Vanessa Marshall

13:30-13:45Ivy Doomkitty

14:00-14:15Christopher Judge

14:45-15:00 – Troy Baker